Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Sample Cover Letter to Personal Referral for Designing Jobs

A sample cover letter to personal referral for designing jobs aids the applicant to get an advancement and development in his designing profession by gaining important references and suggestions from your personal referrer. By drafting a personal referral cover letter for suitable guidance from your personal referrer, you dictate your professionalism and formal attitude. Moreover, a cover letter is a practical and realistic way of requesting for a personal referral and one of the best means of communication with your personal referrer. Looking at your meekness and business demureness, the referrer gets motivated and encouraged to lead you and show you the way for a successful career. 

Getting referred by a professional belonging to the same industry is a huge gain and benefit for any candidate in the recruitment process. It gives evidence of your suitability for the job to the recruiter and gives you ascendancy over the other contenders in the competition. Appropriate referrals can intensify the odds of winning your preferred job. Applications with references get precedence over other applications in the stack. 

It is necessary to indicate your skills, talents, qualifications, work experiences, expertise that are pertinent to the job profile you are looking for. For the kind perusal of your personal referrer, you can attach related complementary certificates like your experience letter, academic certificates etc. and other documents viz. resume, appreciation letters, etc. Awards and achievements can be also mentioned in your cover letter. Also, talk about your present employment condition and your plans and objectives for your career. This will give an idea about your profile to the referrer and thereby, assist him/her to direct you accordingly.

Here is a sample cover letter to personal referral for designing jobs.


Charles D. Landman
Senior Designer
Benevolence Corporation
1264 Jail Drive
Bloomington, IL 61701
Date: April 11, 2012

Douglas M. Garcia
1187 West Side Avenue
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
(201) 288 5815

Dear Mr. Landman,

I am writing this letter to get referred for appropriate job profiles and gain some guidance and leadership from you to excel in my career.

I had a liking and interest for designing from my college days and that’s why I decided to make my career in the same field. I have completed a diploma in Professional Designing from Sacramento University. Through campus interviews, I got selected as an entry-level designer in Goodwill Designers. However, due to relocation I ended my services with the organization. I am currently looking for an Associate Designer profile in an organization that is within my residential vicinity. I request you to recommend some companies that are appropriate to my profile. Also, suggest me a few professional courses that will enhance my designing career.

Please find attached copies of my resume and experience certificate for your reference. Thank you for considering my letter.


Douglas M. Garcia

A sample cover letter to personal referral for designing jobs is a perfect illustration of an ideal personal referral cover letter to get the finest referrals.

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