Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Acknowledging Job Offer Cover Letter

Acknowledging job offer cover letter for civil construction jobs like other acknowledgement letters extends your thankfulness for considering your appropriateness for the job and your acknowledgement for the job offered to you by the employer. This letter is sent after the employer offers the job to the applicant and before the applicant decides and declares his decision to the employer whether to accept or decline the job offer. Through the acknowledgement cover letter, the applicant also indicates when he would reveal his decision regarding the job offer.

The candidate should be aware of the closing date for responding to the job offer. Accordingly, the candidate needs to draft the acknowledgement cover letter immediately after the job is offered to him. You can take some time to reveal your decision; however, the acknowledgement letter has to be sent right away to keep the employer interested in your profile and purchase some time from the employer to decide on the job offer.

Give your appreciation and gratitude to the employer for giving you the employment opportunity. You can show your understanding of the particulars of the job. In case, you are not sure about the employment details, you can ask the employer to provide you with supplementary information on salary compensation, agreement terms, contracts, and other details of the employment. This will help you in making the right decision for your job offer.

Demonstrate your concern and interest for the job and your desire for a continual professional relationship with the employer. Assure the employer that your decision will be in favor the organization and your career.

This is an example of acknowledging job offer cover letter for civil construction jobs.


Jason A. Dargan
HR Manager
Zest Constructions
3554 Mahlon Street
Plymouth, MI 48170
Date: March 21, 2012


Charles S. Harris
2352 Elk City Road
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 909 6213

Dear Mr. Dargan,

This is to notify that I am in receipt of your job offer that has offered me the position of Architect in your venerated organization. I acknowledge your exhilarating job offer with this letter.

It was my desire to work with an organization of such esteem ever since I completed my Engineering degree. Even though, I would give my decision about this job offer by April 3, 2012, which is well before the given deadline. I firmly believe that my choice regarding the job offer would be in support of the organization and my career objectives.

You can reach me through the above mentioned contact details for any clarification. I thank you for your time and considering me suitable and appropriate for this job.


Charles S. Harris

Acknowledging a job offer can keep your future prospects open even though you decide to decline it. So once you receive a job offer, take time to draft your acknowledgment letter. You can go through acknowledging job offer cover letter for civil construction jobs, which will guide you accurately for composing a fine acknowledgement cover letter.

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