Thursday, 5 January 2012

Negative Recommendation Letter for Call Center Jobs

Negative recommendation letter for call center jobs is drafted by the previous employer for an employee who has failed to meet the average expectations of the organization or has ended the services with bad annotations. This is a unique recommendation cover letter as it is observed that not many employers give a negative recommendation for their employees.

Recommendation letters can put a great impact on the candidate’s career. Employers also give a positive view and opinions about the employees and put their urge to hire the candidate in their recommendation letters. This positive recommendation is based on the employer’s evaluation of the excellent track record and the professional behavior and etiquette of the employee. These letters are known as positive recommendation letters.

Employers should be cautious about the language that they use in their negative recommendation letters. They should make use of formal language and sustain a professional tone right through the cover letter. The recommender should keep aside their personal animosity and resentment for the individual and not let it reflect in their negative recommendation letters. The negative recommendation cover letter should be free of false information and facts about the individual, or else strict measures shall be taken against the recommender.

Here is an example of negative recommendation letter for call center jobs. You can use it for your personal reference.

John A. Floyd
Hiring Manager
Pinnacle Call Center
1332 Timberbrook Lane
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Date: March 10, 2012

John R. Perkins
Process Manager
Diligence Call Center
763 Twin House Lane
Half Way, MO 65663
Phone: (417) 445 7493
Email Address:
Dear Mr. Floyd,

This is to notify you that George L. Crane was employed with Diligence Call Center as a Customer Care Representative for a period of 15 months. He was unable to demonstrate himself even as an average performer during his tenure in the organization.

George was working for an outbound process where his role was to take the orders of the customer for supplies and commodities over the phone. He was to persuade the latest customers for purchasing the products offered by the company and prepare a record of the latest customers through the existing acquaintances. The organization provided him every possible training and supervisory help to improve his performance. However, he consistently failed to meet his targets. Also, his rude behavior with our customers hampered the professional relationships with our clientele and eventually brought a downfall in our business. Hence, I do not recommend George L. Crane for any customer service position in your organization.

I hope you will regard my opinion and not hire George in your organization. Thank you for reserving time from your busy schedule and considering my letter.

Yours sincerely,

John R. Perkins

Put away all the typographical and spell errors including improper sentence construction from your negative recommendation letter for call center jobs. This shows lack of attentiveness and professionalism in the letter and may even rob the genuineness of the letter.

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