Monday, 23 January 2012

Chemical Engineer Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs

Chemical engineer cover letter for engineering jobs assists in selling the credentials of the candidate that are applicable for the job and motivates the employer to call you for the interview. Your resume cover letter is an essential part of your job application that conveys more about you to the employer than what the resume cannot communicate. Resume is only a piece of numbers and records, which is unable to put across your ideas and thoughts and your suitability for the applied job. It is the covering letter that makes the difference altogether!

A chemical engineer works in close relation with the site chemists to make certain that the process plant is working effectively and is providing maximum outputs. He prepares the estimation of cost of production and production reports for the managing department. He performs effectual research and planning for the development of improvised chemical manufacturing methods. He ensures that safety measures are considered at all stages linked with the products, process, and the environment.

Your chemical engineer cover letter should include educational qualifications, skills, experience, dexterousness, and abilities associated with chemical engineering. Unwanted or irrelevant information can put off the reader and your application can be rejected. Make sure that you show professionalism and concern for the job and keep a pleasant tone in your cover letter. Indicate the post for which you are applying and the name of your referrer if you are recommended by someone. Demonstrate your thankfulness for the consideration of your letter.

This a sample cover letter for chemical engineer cover letter for engineering jobs.

Jacob J. Scott
Hiring Manager
Majestic Chemical Company
2935 Kembery Drive
Lombard, IL 60148
Date: April 30, 2012

Dennis L. Kelly
3077 Parkway Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(520) 518 4670

Dear Mr. Scott,

This is to inform you that I am interested in applying for the position of Chemical Engineer in your venerated company. I have herewith attached my resume with this cover letter for the same.

I have done my chemical engineering from New York University. Splendid Chemicals, is my present employment organization, where I have acquired leadership qualities and capability to adapt in various situations. Here, I have trained group of five engineers and is involved in handling key technical issues. I have developed an economical and effective process of the manufacture therapeutic products for the organization. I am confident about my abilities and skills that will make your company reach the highest level of success in the chemical engineering sector.

I would be obliged if you arrange the interview for me. I hope to receive a positive reply from your end. I thank you for your consideration.


Dennis L. Kelly

Recruiters receive a massive amount of applications every day. Hence, it is imperative that you draft a short and precise chemical engineer cover letter for engineering jobs whenever you apply for the job. This will interest the employer in reading your cover letter and amplify your probability of winning the job

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