Friday, 20 January 2012

Reference Letter for Suggestion Senior or Alumni for Designing Jobs

Reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni for designing jobs is one of the useful types of designing cover letter, where one can obtain professional suggestions and guidance from a senior or alumni to excel in his/her designing career. Suggestion reference cover letter is a formal method of putting forth the request for appropriate directions and leadership so as to develop and improve in the designing sector. It reflects your professionalism and commitment towards your designing career and compels the reader to guide you properly. 

Making a phone call or drafting an email appears to be the easiest and convenient ways of asking suggestions from your experts. But, on the other hand, it reflects a laid-back and unserious attitude towards your profession, which does not have any place in the designing industry. The designing industry is very creative and innovative in every aspect. Moreover, the candidate needs to possess excellent writing and communication skills and should demonstrate originality in each of his work.

Therefore, your suggestion reference cover letter has to be well structured and properly organized with absolutely no typographical or spell errors whatsoever. There has to be a usage of formal language without any slang even though you are quite familiar with the recipient. The candidate should mention his talents, expertise, handiness, abilities, and strong points including his current employment status, qualifications, and work experience in the reference cover letter for suggestion. This will assist the reader to evaluate your profile and accordingly, direct you in your career.

Here is a sample cover letter for reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni for designing jobs for your reference.


Dale B. Cooper
Senior Designer
Dome Interiors
3729 Hog Camp Road
Burr Ridge, IL 61257

Date: April 20, 2012


Edgar J. Crandall
2588 Pine Tree Lane
Washington, MD 20005
(240) 461 7853

Dear Mr. Cooper,

It is a pleasure writing to you from the time when I got admitted in Kilmer School of Architecture. I am drafting this letter to gain the much needed guidance and suggestions from you regarding my career in the designing industry.

I was involved in many workshops and competitions held by my school where I have won many awards and appreciations. I have also done an internship with District Decorators. This has greatly developed my skills and proficiency in designing. Now, I am searching for a job, where I can utilize my designing abilities and expertise. Preferably, I would opt for an organization which works on the designing of infrastructures of health care centers and sanatoriums.

As you are a veteran with sufficient knowledge in this field, I request you to help me find a job suitable to my job profile. I have attached my resume for your reference. Thank you for your consideration.


Edgar J. Crandall

Reference letter for suggestion senior or alumni for designing jobs can put an impressive mark on your senior or alumni to help you get the right suggestions and directions for your designing career.

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