Friday, 13 January 2012

Construction Supervisor Cover Letter

Construction supervisor cover letter for civil construction jobs is a formal and better means of emphasizing the indispensable features of your resume whilst applying for the position of a supervisor in the construction field. The main intention behind drafting a covering letter for your resume is to induce the recruiter towards your profile so as to call you up for the interview. The first look of your cover letter decides whether you are worthy of being scheduled for the interview or not. Hence, it is very essential to compose it in a professional and well constructed manner. 

A construction supervisor observes the activities of subcontractors to ensure completion of projects according to the planned stipulation and processes. He predicts potential crisis areas in the site project and thereby studies and analyzes the situation and provides corrective measures. He is responsible for preparing reports, synopsis of the progress of work in the project, estimates manpower and construction materials required for the job. He also updates job knowledge by keeping in touch with the upcoming construction practices and principles, maintaining individual networks, and partaking into professional unions.

Once you know the job responsibilities, it becomes easy to depict those in your resume cover letter. This will show the employer that you have a clear understanding about the job profile, which displays you as a suitable candidate for the applied position. Take this opportunity to underline your credentials and other relevant details about your profile. Show how you can be a plus point for the organization. Make no spell or typographical errors and maintain an enthusiastic tone in your letter. 

Here is a sample cover letter for construction supervisor cover letter for civil construction jobs. You can use it for your personal reference.


Shane M. Jones
HR Manager
Kinden Constructions
4138 Lynn Ogden Lane
Beaumont, TX 77701
Date: March 25, 2012


Mark S. Hysell
3534 Kinney Street
Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 459 5722

Dear Mr. Jones,

This is to inform you that I wish to apply for the position of Construction Supervisor in your esteemed organization. Please find attached copy of my resume for your kind perusal.

Relating to the eligibility criteria of this position, I believe that this job best suits to my profile. I have seven years of experience in the construction field. Presently, I am working with New Born Constructions, where I am responsible for supervising the activities of the project, preparing reports, keeping a timely check over the quality of materials, services, and allotting duties to workers. I am keen to join your organization and utilize my abilities and efficiency for its development.

It would be great if you arrange an interview for me. Thank you for reserving time to read and consider my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Mark S. Hysell

Make sure that you appreciate the employer for his consideration and mention the documents attached with your construction supervisor cover letter for civil construction jobs. It makes the reader hold a good impression about you.

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