Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Electrical Engineer Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs

Electrical engineer cover letter for engineering jobs is one of the most effective ways of attaining your desired engineering job. Your engineering cover letter brings into picture your qualities and skills that are pertinent to the engineering field in which you wish to make your career. A resume cover letter plays a good role of spotlighting the candidate as an appropriate individual for the job. By covering your resume with a well drafted cover letter, you show your formal conduct and seriousness towards your career to the prospective employer.

An electrical engineer is responsible for the development and designing of electrical systems and products. He works with circuits, transformers, wiring, and other electrical parts to build products that require electricity for functioning. He plans and executes research methods and processes to apply the standards of electrical theory to the engineering projects. He also prepares the design and outline of electric power generating distribution lines, stations and plants and identifies the needs of the clients.
It is important that you provide no more than the data in your cover letter that are relevant to the job profile you are looking for. You can add your skills, expertise, capabilities and proficiency that make you an apt candidate for the job. Here, you can also highlight your experiences with academic and professional qualifications. 


Tell the employer how you became conscious about the job opening and point out the position you wish to apply for. Illustrate how you can be a valuable addition to the company. Keep a professional tone and language all through your cover letter.

Here is cover letter template for electrical engineer cover letter for engineering jobs for your reference.

James V. Niblett
HR Manager
Kolmar Pvt. Ltd.
4139 Wayback Lane
Smithtown, NY 11787
Date: March 14, 2011

Robert J. Gray
3038 James Avenue
Middleville Herkime, NY 13406
(315) 891 9659

Dear Mr. Niblett,

With reference to your job advertisement in Simply Jobs for the post of Electrical Engineer in your admired firm, I have affixed my resume as I want to apply for the same.

During my tenure of six years in the engineering industry as an electrical engineer, I have become acquainted with the demands and expectations of this position. At present, I am working with Jaggy Motors, where I am involved in maintaining, implementing, designing, and the improvement of electrical appliances. I believe that I fulfill the requirements of this position and can be a huge plus point to your firm. I am willing to face the obstacles and challenges that come may in the way of this job.

I would appreciate if you schedule the interview for me. I thank you for reserving your valuable time and considering my application.

Yours sincerely,

Robert J. Gray

Make certain that you address your electrical engineer cover letter for engineering jobs to the right person. Avoid making use of general salutations in your cover letter as it demonstrates lack of commitment and informality towards the job.

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