Friday, 27 January 2012

Network Engineer Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs

Network engineer cover letter for engineering jobs is essential in making a mark on the prospective employer in order to obtain your desired employment opportunity as a network engineer in the engineering field. Your resume has to go along with a well-drafted cover letter each time you put in your job application to apply for a particular job. Your covering letter is exceedingly an important document without which your job application is most likely to be discarded by the organization. It is as vital as your resume. It helps you to portray significant points of your job profile which cannot be depicted through your curriculum vitae.

A network engineer is expected to be excellent at organizing and multi-tasking skills with an obvious understanding of the company’s business requirements and the wants of the system users. He is basically involved in the installation of new hardware, software and other systems needed for various networks. He looks after the administration of servers and controls every system back-up and restore procedures. He analyzes and resolves errors varying from serious system crash to a forgotten password. He is also responsible for undertaking routine anticipatory procedures including the execution, upholding, and scrutinizing of network security; primarily the network that is connected to the internet.

Your network engineer resume cover letter needs to reflect the networking skills, proficiency and abilities including your professional background and work experience related to network engineering. This is a good opportunity to bring to light your achievements and awards you might have received during your employment tenure or academic year. You are required to demonstrate yourself as an apt applicant by assuring the employer that you can assist the organization in gaining good profits and revenue using your knowledge and expertise related to the industry.

Here is an example cover letter for network engineer cover letter for engineering jobs.


Brian M. Smith
Hiring Manager
Basal Networks
914 Renwick Drive
Eagleville, PA 19403
Date: May 8, 2012


Michael T. Glass
3627 Red Bud Lane
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 951 5678


Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for posting your job advertisement on for the position of Network Engineer in your venerated organization. I have attached my resume as I wish to apply for the same.

I have completed my graduation in Network and Communication Engineering from New Jersey University. I was employed with Logitech Networking as a Network Engineer for two years. During my tenure, I have gained much information and expertise about the networking industry. I have also received appreciations and awards from the departmental heads for my outstanding performance and achieving my targets on time. I believe that my experience and handiness will add greatly towards the growth of your organization.

I would be gratified if you schedule the interview for me. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.


Michael T. Glass

With network engineer cover letter for engineering jobs you can draft a brilliant cover letter and prove your appropriateness for the job.

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