Monday, 5 March 2012

Manager Cover Letter

Managers control the resources and expenditures of the company. They even work for an actor, athlete, or sports team taking care of their business activities. Their skills are also used in restaurant, club, theater, and other places engaged in the customer service activities. To apply, you need a resume and manager cover letter. Here are the tips for assisting you in writing the manager cover letter.

Tips to write manager cover letter


Use a business letter format to write your cover letter.


This is where your personal information goes. Type your name and contact information so that further correspondence from the readers is possible.


Use this section to describe about yourself in brief, and the position of interest. In addition, add the details about what made you to apply for the job, and where you learned about the job opening.

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph is to advertise your skills, qualifications, and experience for the job. This section should prompt the reader in picking up your resume. Here is the opportunity to say everything about you suitable to the job.


Use the conclusion part of the manager cover letter to thank the reader for posting the job opening, and time taken in going through your letter. Request for an appointment, or state your line of action as a follow up.

Here is a sample cover letter that is written following these tips.

Manager Cover Letter Sample


Richard M. Suarez

Hiring Manager
Shine Automobile Company
831 Brannon Street
Azusa, CA 91700


Bruce A. Hurt

1566 Middleville Road
Azusa, CA 91702
Phone: (626) XXX-2487

March 2, 2012

Dear Mr. Suarez,

I have worked as a manager for the last 10 years in three different companies. I am sure that the years of experience I hold qualifies for the manager's position at your company as posted in the job portal. I am capable of planning, managing and leading projects successfully. Excellent attention to detail, hard work, perseverance, and good communication skills are my strength.

In the enclosed resume, you will see that I have experience in project management. I am an expert in planning and utilizing resources efficiently. I am rewarded on two occasions for generating revenue and cutting cost. My ability to read projects and analyze the needs in terms of personnel, materials, and budget have accomplished things quite faster and successfully. My attitude for attention to detail, and knowledge in deriving the best out of employees have helped in adding 30% more revenue each year in the total sales volume. My exceptional negotiation skill with vendors, distributors, and transporters is another plus point.

With strong leadership, communication, and organizing skills, I strongly believe that I can contribute towards the growth of your company from the first day of my joining. I would be excited if a chance to discuss my experience with you is given to me. To find out the possibility of an interview, I will contact you on next Friday, March 10, 2012 between 10 to noon. Until then, thank you for time and consideration.

Bruce A. Hurt

Enclosure: Resume

Follow these tips and manager cover letter sample when applying for the job. You can modify this sample letter and send it to any job settings. Before posting, spell check it twice as not to spoil chances of getting short-listed for the interview.

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