Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Legal Cover Letter

To apply for jobs in the legal field you need professional approach. You might be confused about how to draft the cover letter. Even though you might be tempted to skip the cover letter writing process and directly send a resume to apply for any particular job. A resume without a complementing professional cover letter will lead to the rejection of your job application. Therefore, it is essential that you keep some time specially for professional  legal cover letter writing.

Tips to write  legal resume cover letters are as follows:

Research: You need to research about the company and the job opening you are applying for. Once you are aware about the job opening in any particular company, your next step would be to know the name of the person whom you need to address the letter to. It is vital that you address the letter to the appropriate person. A common mistake made by many candidates is that they include a generic salutation such as 'To whom so ever it may concern'. This is a wrong way to address the legal cover letter. Research about the job profile you are applying for will help to draft your cover letter perfectly.

Divide into three sections: A professional cover letter should be divided into 3 sections. The introduction paragraph, body, and conclusion. In the first paragraph mention the job post you are applying for, why you would like to work for the company, and what makes you a suitable candidate for the job. Cover letter is your chance of mentioning those details that you could not include in your resume. In the body of the letter, mention details about your achievements in the legal field. Crisp highlight about your job profile in the previous legal firm. You should also ask the employer to go through you enclosed resume, so that they understand further details about candidature for the job.

Professional ending: As you are applying for legal job, you need to make use of professional language, when you are drafting your resume. When you are concluding the letter, make sure that you thank the recruiter for their time and consideration. Inform the employer that you will call them to know about the interview or at least let them know that you are waiting for their interview call.

The legal cover letter that you draft should focus on your work experience details, suitability for the job, and direct the reader to read your resume. You even use few sample legal cover letters or  free legal cover letters or example legal cover letters as guideline to draft your cover letter. Once you have drafted the letter, it is your duty to proof read it and make it error free. It is essential that the professional formatting of your resume and cover letter is same.

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