Thursday, 29 December 2011

Follow Up of Telephone Call for Banking Jobs

The need of follow up cover letter

Sending a cover letter along with the resume for banking jobs is becoming popular these days. However, few people take those additional efforts to go that extra mile and draft a follow up of telephone call for banking jobs. This is one of the best opportunities to make you stand apart from the other candidates. So don’t miss that out.

The content of the follow up cover letter

A follow up of telephone call for banking jobs is written immediately after you receive a call from the employer for attending the interview or upon your selection for the job. It is very natural to be overjoyed after receiving the call from the employer. But in this moment of joy, you should stick and display your professionalism by drafting an effective cover letter for follow up of telephone call for banking jobs, which most of the applicants fail to do.

The cover letter should be drafted professionally and should not extend beyond one page. First you should thank the employer for giving you a wonderful opportunity. Reiterate all the important highlights that are relevant to the job. Mention some extra details which you find relevant to the job. You can include some details about the organization which focuses on the hiring manager or about the company’s positive aspects. If you draft a follow up cover letter on the above guidelines you can be assured that your chances for the interview are definitely going to increase. Even if you don’t get selected for this job you will always be in a positive frame in the mind of the employer. So either way you are going to be benefitted.

Here is a sample of follow up of telephone call for banking jobs:

Frances J. Leathers
The Hiring Manager
Universal Bank
2388 Meadowcrest Lane
Frenchburg, KY 40322
Date: December 28, 2011

George R. Gonzalez
2576 Tipple Road
Philadelphia, PA 19108
Phone: 215-789-4256
Email id:

Dear Ms Leathers,

I was excited to receive a call for an interview from the human resource department yesterday. I could not believe my ears that I had got an opportunity to get interviewed in one of the most sought after banks.

I really appreciate that you provided me a detailed insight into the job profile. I am confident that I will be able to shoulder those responsibilities as I handled a similar position. Your call has definitely lifted up my morale, and I am all set to appear for an interview.

Thank you once again for showing the faith and confidence in me to grant me this opportunity. I assure you that I will be present on the scheduled date and time at your bank. I really look forward to meet you.
Yours truly,

George Gonzalez

A high impact follow up of telephone call for banking jobs is surely the major deciding factor in your job search. Be careful and proof read the cover letter to avoid mistakes.

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